Wildfire Resources

In recent years, the frequency and intensity of wildfires across the Pacific Northwest have increased dramatically due to the climate crisis. Flames and smoke from wildfires can destroy farmland and crops, businesses, and homes, deplete natural resources, and pose severe public health risks.  

I am committed to supporting communities harmed by fires and helping connect them with the resources they need to prepare for, respond to, and recover from these devastating fires. I will continue working closely with my colleagues to ensure the federal government provides state and local governments with the resources they need before, during, and after these tragic events.  

As we recover from wildfire events, my team will regularly update this page with the latest news, resources, and assistance to help Washingtonians stay safe. If you need help applying for assistance, please reach out to my Kirkland office by calling (425) 485-0085 or filling out a casework request form here

Bolt Creek Fire Resources 

Federal Wildfire Resources  

Assistance for Individuals and Families 

Small Business and Farm Support 


  • Federal Wildfire Grant Resources

    • This document describes a variety of pre-disaster Federal grant and cost-share programs across USDA and FEMA that can support community-led efforts to prepare for wildfires. 

Small Business Resources 


Local Wildfire Resources