Congresswoman Suzan DelBene in a classroom with students

Every child in the United States should have access to affordable, high-quality education. Teachers and administrators in our communities are doing incredible work to educate our kids and prepare them to succeed. However, Congress needs to do more to support their work. To ensure all students can succeed, we must invest in helping our most vulnerable students, households with limited internet access, and our hard-working educators.

We should be forward-looking as technological advancements, like artificial intelligence and automation, dramatically shift how our economy works. To prepare our children for the jobs of tomorrow, we must foster innovative and creative learning, develop critical thinking skills, and support STEAM education. We also need to bring our classrooms into the 21st century by deploying high-speed broadband and Wi-Fi in every school.

I remain committed to bringing down the cost of higher education so everyone has access to a quality college education. The rising cost of higher education in America poses serious challenges to millions of middle-class families that are being forced to take out extremely burdensome loans to pay for tuition, fees, textbooks, and housing.

College shouldn’t be the only way for the next generation to be successful. I am also working to expand vocational and apprenticeship opportunities that lead to good-paying jobs. I am a strong supporter of the National Apprenticeship Act, which would create nearly 1 million apprenticeship opportunities and broaden access to paid on-the-job training.