Working Families

Congresswoman Suzan DelBene at Child Tax Credit Press Conference

For too long, the cards have been stacked against the middle class. Policies have valued the wealthy and well-connected over families and workers. I will continue to advocate for policies that will level the playing field and prioritize the well-being of hardworking Americans. 

Child Tax Credit  

I have been a fierce champion of monthly Child Tax Credit payments that provided over 65 million families with up to $300 per child in 2021, helping parents afford rent, groceries, and other essentials for their children. In just one year, this historic benefit boosted our economy, strengthened the middle-class, and cut childhood poverty in half. We must renew this proven solution and make it permanent to support hardworking families.

Paid Family and Medical Leave 

I will continue to push for a national paid family and medical leave policy that will support families and strengthen our workforce. The United States remains one of few developed countries without a paid leave policy, disproportionately impacting women, communities of color, and lower-income families. 

 Child Care 

We also grapple with a nationwide shortage of child care options, with more than 50% of Americans living in child care deserts. In Washington state, thousands of families are priced out of affordable care. The lack of adequate child care services costs the U.S. an estimated $57 billion in lost earnings, productivity, and revenue annually. I am fighting to make child care more accessible and affordable for working families. 

By using proven economic tools and forward-looking, family-first policies, we can transform our economy and the lives of millions for the better. I firmly believe that when families thrive, America succeeds.