Welcoming the D.C. Bully Busters

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Washington, DC, April 10, 2017 | comments

Dear Friend,

Recently, I had the honor to host a pledge-signing event on Capitol Hill with a group of 11-and-12-year-old girls from Washington state who were in D.C. to promote anti-bullying tactics in American politics.

Formed last year, the girls created the D.C. Bully Busters, a nonpartisan project to encourage members of Congress to take action against bullying. I signed their pledge, promising to “represent the people of the United States of America without engaging in bullying or being a bystander in bullying tactics."

I met with the DC Bully Busters and signs their anti-bullying pledge.

I am a firm believer that words matter. And we need politicians who understand that and treat all people with respect, even when we disagree. These young women are doing an amazing job and I would hope all lawmakers agree to sign their anti-bullying pledge. After such a divisive year, we should be working to bring our country together, not creating deeper divides.

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