Protecting Medicare and Medicaid

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Washington, DC, July 13, 2017 | comments

Dear Friend,

For nearly 52 years, Medicare and Medicaid have provided quality healthcare to seniors across the country. I had the opportunity to mark the anniversary of these essential programs during my recent visit to two senior centers in our district this month.

In Washington’s First District, more than 150,000 Americans receive lifesaving healthcare from Medicare and Medicaid. Nationwide, more than 120 million people depend on these vital programs to stay healthy and access needed medical care.

Unfortunately, House Republicans passed a proposal that undermines these two programs. Their healthcare repeal bill slashes $75 billion from Medicare, stealing resources seniors need for long-term care, and cuts more than $750 billion from Medicaid, which covers 64 percent of nursing home residents. Their dangerous legislation also imposes an “age tax” on older Americans, forcing them to pay five times more than others. President Trump was right when he called this proposal “mean."

Instead of shifting costs onto older Americans, we should be working to give people better coverage at a lower cost. It’s past time for Republicans to drop the threat of repeal and start working across the aisle — I’ll be there, ready and willing to work on solutions for the middle class.

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