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What change to net neutrality could mean for you

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Seattle, Washington , November 21, 2017 | comments

Net neutrality is a tricky topic uniting tech voices large and small, from online giant Amazon to hundreds of startups nationwide.

The regulations created in 2015, under President Obama’s FCC, seek to preserve free and open access to the internet and prohibit big internet service providers from providing faster service for some sites or users over others.

“A free and open internet means a little website, like a popular one called Reddit, should be able to have easy access just like the Washington Post or the New York Times,” said Michael Schutzler, the CEO of the Washington Technology Industry Association.

However, the rules established a couple of years ago are expected to change next month, under President Trump’s FCC. Chairman Ajit Pai announced a draft order on Tuesday to roll back the current internet regulations calling them “heavy-handed.”

“That decision was a mistake,” Pai said of the 2015 vote. “It’s depressed investment in building and expanding broadband networks and deterred innovation.”

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