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Inslee, Durkan to fight federal decision on marijuana enforcement

Gov. Inslee says Washington will vigorously defend the state's laws against federal infringement

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Seattle, Washington , January 4, 2018 | comments

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee is criticizing a Trump administration decision to rescind an Obama-era policy that paved the way for legalized marijuana to flourish in numerous states.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Session's move would leave it to U.S. attorneys where pot is legal to decide whether to aggressively enforce federal marijuana law.

Inslee said Thursday that would be a mistake. Inslee says the decision disregards Washington voters who approved the legalization of recreational pot in 2012.

Inslee said the impact could come down to how local U.S. attorneys decide to handle the decision.

"That person's going to have a hard time walking down the street in the state of Washington if they decide to go back to the previous century in marijuana policy," said Inslee. "They just might want to think about that.”

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