Hitting Home: The Impact of the Government Shutfown

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Washington, D.C., January 14, 2019 | comments

Dear Friend,

Nearly 11,000 federal workers across our state are not getting paid because of President Trump’s government shutdown. I support border security, but Trump’s border wall is not an effective solution. Our country needs comprehensive immigration reform.

This shutdown is impacting families and their ability to pay their bills. These workers include TSA agents and air traffic controllers, Customs and Border Patrol agents, National Park Service rangers, USDA inspectors and the list goes on. As the shutdown prolongs, it could threaten critical services that many families depend on, including access to housing vouchers, nutrition assistance, and access to agricultural grants. The shutdown is also effecting local businesses who do work for the federal government and researcher’s dependent on federal grants. It must end.

As your representative, I am here to help you. If you are a furloughed federal worker impacted by the government shutdown and need assistance, I encourage you to visit https://esd.wa.gov/, where you can apply for unemployment benefits or by phone at 800-318-6022.

I also want to hear from you. If you and your family are personally impacted by the shutdown and would like to share your story, I encourage you to call my Bothell office at 425-485-0085 or my Washington, D.C. office at 202-225-6311.

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