The Fight for Women’s Health Care is Not Over

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Washington, D.C., June 25, 2022 | comments

Dear friend,

Yesterday, Washingtonians woke up to the news that the Supreme Court had stripped women in this country of their right to make their own health care decisions by overturning Roe v. Wade.

The burden of this ruling will be felt disproportionately by lower-income women and women of color across the country in states where abortions are banned. They will now have to travel hundreds of miles to receive an abortion if they have the resources or be forced to carry a pregnancy against their will.

Washington will not be immune from the far-reaching consequences of this decision. Our abortion clinics and health centers are bracing for a rush of patients from states with abortion bans. Republicans in Congress have been clear that they will pursue a nationwide abortion ban should they take back the majority.

In the wake of this demoralizing and terrifying day for America, I urge everyone not to give in to despair and to continue standing up for what you believe in. I will keep fighting until we pass the Women’s Health Protection Act and enshrine the right to a safe abortion into law once and for all.

As always, I am here to help you. If you need assistance at this difficult time, please don’t hesitate to leave a message at my Kirkland office at (425) 485-0085. For more updates on what I’m doing for WA-01, you can follow me on social media at the links above.

Stay safe and stay healthy, 

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