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What They Are Saying: DelBene Secures $19.4M for Community Projects in WA-01

Recently, President Joe Biden signed the fiscal year 2023 federal funding legislation that contained $19.4M for 15 community projects which Congresswoman Suzan DelBene (WA-01) secured for Washington’s 1st Congressional District. These projects range from road and trail improvements, expanded mental health facilities, and support for farmer’s markets and senior services.

Community leaders across Washington’s 1st Congressional District praised DelBene’s efforts to secure funding for these projects and highlighted the impact they’ll have on their communities:

City of Woodinville: $2.5M for the Eastrail Crossing and SR 202 Trestle Widening Project

“I would like to formally thank Congresswoman DelBene for her partnership and unwavering advocacy to help bring federal funds to Woodinville. This $2.5M award to replace Woodinville’s trestle bridge will not only help to move the Eastrail project forward, it will widen one of our most heavily used roadways and a major gateway to the City,” said Woodinville Mayor Mike Millman. “The future of Woodinville is even brighter, thanks to funding such as this that makes the city not only more enjoyable to experience but safer to do so. It has been a pleasure to collaborate on this important project and I look forward to future opportunities to work together.”

City of Redmond: $1.1M for the Redmond Central Connector III

“I am so grateful for Congresswoman DelBene’s demonstrated commitment to advocating and securing $1.1 million to complete the Redmond Central Connector  III trail,” said Redmond Mayor Angela Birney. “Her support of this project, which benefits not only the residents of Redmond but also numerous communities throughout the Eastrail corridor, will help improve safety for thousands of students, commuters, and recreational users near congested roadways and support job creation and housing development.”

City of Lake Stevens: $2.5M for 20th St. NE and Main St. Improvements

“Our Main Street project will provide safety, efficiency of transportation, and further beautify our downtown. The funds received with Congresswoman DelBene’s leadership bring this project alive,” said Lake Stevens Mayor Brett Gailey.

City of Bothell: $741K for the Emergency Coordination Center – North, Backup Power Generator

“On behalf of the entire Bothell community, we are so grateful Congresswoman DelBene has secured this funding,” said Bothell Mayor Mason Thompson. “Our Operations Center is the vital mission-critical hub for managing our infrastructure and ensuring our community still has water, sewer, and safe roads during emergencies. Providing us with a reliable backup power source is the biggest investment in emergency preparedness our community has seen in recent years and it ensures the City continues serving Bothell residents and businesses, in times of greatest need.” 

City of Snohomish: $3M for the North Sewer Trunk Line Extension

“The funds Congresswoman DelBene secured for the City of Snohomish will not only improve our sewer system, but it will also help to fill our city's infrastructure gaps that have prevented needed housing and business development. There is a lot of potential that will be unlocked with the building of the new sewer trunk line and we are incredibly grateful for this federal support,” said Snohomish Mayor Linda Redmon.

City of Monroe: $481K for Mobile Mental Health Dispatch and Services

“I am thankful for these partnerships and funding that will help us deliver much-needed, proactive support to residents who are in need and who struggle with chemical dependency and mental and behavioral health in our community.  Working together, we will help people toward better wellness and stability.  This support is valuable for program participants, their families, and our community,” said Monroe Mayor Geoffrey Thomas.

City of Ferndale: $750K for the Ferndale Civic Campus

“We are grateful for Congresswoman DelBene’s hard work securing $750,000 of Community Project Funding for the Ferndale Civic Campus. This new facility will provide modern court services, professional staff offices, and public meeting space for the people of Ferndale, and will be designed to emphasize technologies that enable remote and hybrid work in a safe, secure, and energy-efficient setting,” said Ferndale Mayor Greg Hansen. “This combination of federal, state, and local funding will allow us to repurpose the old city hall into a hub for community services and meet the needs of our growing city. It is exactly the sort of investment needed in our fast-growing small cities.”

City of Sultan: $1M for the Water Treatment Plant Project

“The City of Sultan is proud to have been included in the fiscal year 2023 federal funding for our Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrades. This is a critical project for our community’s infrastructure and will help ensure that we are keeping our river water clean,” said Sultan Mayor Russell Wiita. “Thank you to Congresswoman Suzan DelBene for her advocacy on this project and funding.”

Snohomish County: $750K for the Food and Farming Center

“We are grateful to Congresswoman DelBene for including funding in the 2023 federal budget for the Snohomish County Food and Farming Center,” said Snohomish County Executive Dave Somers. “This important funding will bring us one step closer to building the needed infrastructure for local farmers and continue our process of strengthening the local economy.”

Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office: $500K for the Integrated Public Safety Radio System

“With the continued support of Congresswoman Suzan DelBene, the public safety community in Whatcom County will be able to make another step forward in updating the antiquated radio system, improving the ability of first responders to be able to communicate, thus ensuring safety, and improving the ability to serve our citizens during times of emergency,” said Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elfo.

University of Washington Bothell: $811K for the Environmental Careers Preparedness Initiative

“The University of Washington Bothell’s Environmental Careers Preparedness (EnCAP) initiative will contribute with solutions to global environmental change challenges by preparing the next generation of students to embark in the new green economy,” said Santiago Lopez, Associate Professor, Schools of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, University of Washington Bothell. “Through hands-on teaching and research experiences led by UW Bothell at the Environmental Education and Research Center (EERC) in St Edward State Park, EnCAP will provide K-16 students with the necessary tools and experiences to engage in green career pathways and practices.”

HealthPoint: $2M for the Redmond Health Center

“The HealthPoint Health Center will provide medical, dental, and behavioral health care to thousands of low-income individuals and families in the greater Redmond community. This Center will be located in the new Together Center building which will also have affordable housing, a job training center, senior services, advocacy services, and more,” said Lisa Yohalem, CEO of HealthPoint. “This extraordinary community resource would not be possible without Congresswoman DelBene's leadership and tireless efforts.”

Friends of Youth: $1M for the Landing Shelter and Service Center Expansion Project

“The funds secured by Congresswoman DelBene will support the renovation and expansion of the only Shelter and Service Center in east King County that is specifically designed and developmentally appropriate to serve youth and young adults, ages 16 to 24, who are experiencing homelessness,” said Hala Nuemah, Chief Financial Officer, Friends of Youth. “The funds will allow Friends of Youth to more than double our capacity to shelter young people and connect them with critical wraparound services at our new Willows Youth Services Center in Kirkland, scheduled for opening this spring. Friends of Youth deeply appreciates the support of Congresswoman DelBene in securing federal funds to support youth.”

Homage/Senior Services of Snohomish County: $250K for Transportation Assistance Program

“Homage’s Transportation Assistance Program (TAP) is excited for the financial support to expand bus service to areas between Snohomish, Bothell, and Index. This much-needed service will provide door-to-door transportation for low-income, 60+, and disabled community members to get to medical care, work, food banks, grocery stores, senior centers, social events, and other family resources,” said Keith Bell, CEO of Homage, a senior and disability services provider in Snohomish County. “Eliminating mobility barriers is key to the health and welfare of underserved senior and disabled communities. Thank you, Congresswoman DelBene, for opening this path for our communities.” 

Northwest Indian College: $2M for the Health and Wellness Center

“We are incredibly humbled and thankful for Congresswoman DelBene’s support of our Health and Wellness Center, which will strengthen our efforts to promote wellness and Indigenous healing, informed programming, and practices drawn from family, community, and culture,” said Northwest Indian College President Justin Guillory. “This is more than a facility – this represents an active cultural and community gathering space that heals the Indigenous spirit of learning through wellness and life balance. We are very excited to move this project forward.”   

More information about the projects can be found here.