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President Biden Calls for Passage of DelBene Affordable Housing, Child Tax Credit Bills in State of the Union Address

Last night, one of the key themes of President Biden’s State of the Union was reducing costs for families. He called for the passage of two pieces of legislation led by Congresswoman Suzan DelBene (WA-01) as ways to lower costs for families and put money back in their pockets.

The first would help finance the construction of 2 million affordable homes nationwide over the next decade, and the second would reinstate monthly Child Tax Credit checks that provided a historic tax cut for middle-class families and reduced childhood poverty by half in 2021.

“President Biden delivered the powerful message to the American people that he is focused on growing and strengthening the middle class that built this country. A proven way to do that is to help families address rising costs and put more money back in their pockets,” said DelBene. “I couldn’t agree more that we need to pass legislation that would help build more affordable housing thereby lowering rent pressures, and bring back monthly Child Tax Credit payments so we can put our kids on the path to success. These two programs are backed by  significant data and proven successes.”

Affordable Housing

“I know the cost of housing is so important to you… Now pass and build and renovate 2 million affordable homes and bring those rents down!”

Over 12 million families spend half their income on rent because of a nationwide lack of affordable housing. DelBene introduced legislation that would expand proven tax incentives to help finance an additional 2 million affordable houses across the country over the next decade, thereby easing rent pressure in communities. President Biden first adopted the plan in his May 2022 housing plan.

Child Tax Credit

“The Child Tax Credit I passed during the pandemic cut taxes for millions of working families and cut child poverty in HALF. Restore that Child Tx Credit because no child should go hungry in this country!”

In 2021, Congress passed the American Rescue Plan that expanded the Child Tax Credit to provide families with monthly checks of up to $300 per child. This was a historic tax cut for the middle class and lifted 3 million kids out of poverty. The one-year expansion was based on legislation introduced by DelBene.