Veterans speech

We are obligated to support those who have risked their lives and made significant sacrifices for our families and freedoms. I’m committed to ensuring all our veterans and servicemembers receive the support and benefits they deserve and have earned.  

One of my top priorities is delivering the best possible medical care to veterans and servicemembers, and I will continue fighting to ensure they have timely access to high-quality health care. I supported the PACT Act that passed Congress in 2022, the largest expansion of veterans' benefits in more than three decades. This law extends health care and disability compensation benefits for more than 5 million veterans exposed to toxic burn pits during their service.

I am also an advocate for greater access to education and job-training programs for unemployed veterans and servicemembers transitioning back into civilian life. I introduced the Manufacturing Jobs for Veterans Act to expand access to long-term, good-paying manufacturing jobs by boosting training for those reentering the civilian workforce from the military.  

Casework is a very important part of my job, and my office is always here to help you. Here are some common services that we can assist you with: 

Veterans Health Administration (VHA)

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Getting authorization to use the Community Care Program 
  • Clarifying notices from the VHA 
  • Connecting veterans with a patient advocate 
  • Helping with authorization of emergency treatment outside the VHA 

Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA)

  • Connecting veterans to a local Veterans Service Officer 
  • Clarifying notices from the VBA 
  • Walking veterans through the appeals process for denied claims 
  • Cutting red tape to get long overdue appeals processed 
  • Accessing their military records or a DD214 
  • Navigating the VA Home Loan Program 
  • Managing debt that the VA should rightfully be paying 

See also information on Casework.