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DelBene Statement on Passage of House GOP’s Default on America Act

Legislation would make serious cuts to programs WA families, students, and seniors rely on

WATCH: DelBene decries Republican ruse on House floor

Today, Congresswoman Suzan DelBene (WA-01) released the following statement after voting against House Republicans’ Default on America Act.

“Instead of taking any meaningful steps forward, House Republicans’ MAGA wish list only brings us closer to a first-in-history federal default. It’s easy to say you want to cut spending, but slashing 22% from programs that support veterans, seniors, food assistance, and education, while also cutting 780,000 jobs would cause irreparable damage to Americans and our economy.

“Every day Republicans play games, they create more uncertainty for our families and the global economy. The best way to ensure the full faith and credit of the United States is to pass a clean bill so we can pay our bills and avoid a default. Time is running out.”

House Republicans’ bill is estimated to make the following cuts to Washington state:

  • 4,800 preschool and child care slots would be eliminated
  • 187,000 Washingtonians would lose food assistance
  • 89,000 students would see the cost of college go up
  • 17,000 Washington families would see an increase in their housing costs
  • 164,500 veterans could lose medical care
  • 371,000 Washingtonians could lose Apple Health (Medicaid) coverage
  • 1.5 million seniors would have to wait at least 2 months longer for Social Security and Medicare assistance

Watch DelBene speak on the legislation here.

More information on the impact of this legislation can be found here.