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Congresswoman Suzan DelBene

Representing the 1st District of Washington

Uber and the gig economy used to love Obamacare. What happened?

Jul 20, 2017
In The News

The Republican effort to repeal and replace Obamacare is, for now, mothballed, in no small part because of Democratic resistance, fierce opposition from industry groups, and, above all else, GOP disarray.

What didn’t help doom the effort: an enormous U.S. industry that repeatedly joined President Obama to promote the Affordable Care Act.

Uber, Lyft, and a long list of other technology companies that power the so-called gig economy once rallied behind Obamacare as a major boon for their freelance workforces. In 2014, even the infamously anti-government Travis Kalanick, then-CEO of Uber, called the ACA “huge” for his business. Last fall, just two weeks before the 2016 election, his company and more than a dozen others joined together in yet another public push for Obamacare.

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