Helping Our Veterans Find Jobs

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Washington, D.C., November 10, 2017 | comments

Dear Friend,

Right now, too many veterans are struggling to find jobs. As workers face significant challenges adapting to a rapidly changing economy, it is essential we improve 21st century employment opportunities for those transitioning back into civilian life.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 370,000 unemployed veterans are currently struggling to find work, including 139,000 veterans who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan since 9/11.

That’s why I recently reintroduced the Manufacturing Jobs for Veterans Act to help our nation’s veterans find good-paying jobs in the manufacturing sector. My bill would expand access to skills training and apprenticeships for U.S. veterans in manufacturing career pathways, ensure veterans have the tools needed to translate their military skills to the civilian workforce, and it would encourage manufacturers to recruit, hire and train our nation’s returning heroes.

As a nation, we have an obligation to care for those who risked their lives to protect us and defend our freedoms. In Congress, I’ll continue working hard to ensure our veterans are taken care of and are never left behind.

As always, my office is here to serve you. If you have questions or comments about the topics that matter most to you, I encourage you to contact me through my website. You may also keep up-to-date on what I’m doing by following me on social media or signing up for my eNewsletter. If you need assistance dealing with a federal agency, such as the VA, IRS or Department of Education, please do not hesitate to contact my Bothell office at (425) 485-0085.


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