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DelBene Statement on Ways & Means Tax Package Markup

WATCH: Committee Republicans vote down DelBene effort to further expand CTC

Today, Congresswoman Suzan DelBene (WA-01) released the following statement after the Ways & Means tax package markup.

“This is an imperfect bill in many ways but that is the reality of divided government. It nevertheless includes several provisions that I have long advocated for that would help support workers and families and grow our economy. That is why I voted to advance the package, but there is still more we can do.

“It includes a key provision of legislation I introduced that would amount to the biggest expansion of affordable housing resources in decades. This financing will help build more than 200,000 affordable homes nationwide and nearly 7,000 in Washington.  

“However, the Child Tax Credit component will not sufficiently reach the families most in need. The 2021 Democratic expansion of the credit lifted nearly 4 million kids out of poverty. I will continue fighting to improve the Child Tax Credit provisions so this legislation can garner the bipartisan support it needs to pass on the House floor.”

DelBene is a leader on several of the core elements of the package:

  • Child Tax Credit: She is one of the House champions of the expanded Child Tax Credit that was included in Democrats’ American Rescue Plan and leads on the legislation to permanently expand the credit that would cut childhood poverty in half.
  • Low-Income Housing Tax Credit: DelBene is the lead House Democrat on bipartisan legislation that would increase affordable housing development by building on the proven success of the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit. The legislation would help create an additional 2 million affordable homes nationwide. 
  • Research & Development Tax Credit: She helped introduce legislation that would fix the issue created in the 2017 Republican tax law that has hampered American businesses. The legislation would restore businesses' ability to immediately expense research and development investments.
  • Taiwan Double Taxation: After visiting the island on a congressional delegation in 2022, DelBene called for reducing double taxation between the U.S. and Taiwan and later cosponsored legislation to address the issue.