Congress has delayed addressing our broken immigration system for far too long. As a result, we are left with a deeply flawed reality that is not working for our communities, businesses, immigrants, or families.

We need immigration reform that takes a balanced, responsible approach to secure our borders while recognizing the enormous contributions immigrants make to our nation. Comprehensive immigration reform should eliminate application backlogs, reunite families, and meet the demands of today’s economy.

I strongly support an earned path to citizenship for those who are already here, otherwise following the law, and working, going to school, or making positive contributions to their communities.

We must ensure that American employers and entrepreneurs can attract and hire the workforce demanded by a highly competitive 21st century economy. Our local employers, whether in technology, research, manufacturing, or agriculture, need an immigration system that works for them and their workers.

The United States has a moral obligation to work with the international community and assist those who are displaced by violence and persecution, while also taking necessary steps to protect our national security. We should lead on promoting the safety, health, and well-being of refugees and displaced persons by increasing the number of refugees we admit into our country.