Standing With Ukraine

Putin’s senseless and violent war on Ukraine is a threat to global democracy, and we must continue supporting the Ukrainian people and hold Putin accountable. The U.S. has so far sent $54 billion in military, financial, and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. In addition to helping deliver assistance to Ukraine, I helped lead the call to provide for the safety and security of Ukrainian orphans who are in the adoption process or have previously been hosted by American families.

This war does not exist in a vacuum. Its impacts are felt here in Washington state with our Ukrainian American community and those with friends and relatives in Ukraine. Additionally, this war has disrupted global supply chains and affecting local families through higher food and energy prices. Ukraine is a global exporter of grain and fertilizer. Russia’s blockade has sent food prices soaring and made it more expensive to grow food at home. Putin’s aggression has also increased energy prices. I know this adds a burden to families. The U.S. and our allies who care about democracy and peace cannot continue to fund Putin’s war chest.

Click here for more information on legislative efforts I have supported to stand with Ukraine.