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  • Biden Administration Making High-Speed Broadband Free for Millions of Families
    Posted in eNewsletters on May 15, 2022 | Preview rr

    Dear friend, Broadband should be affordable, accessible, and reliable, but for far too many families this is not the case. This week, President Biden made a major announcement that will allow millions of families to get free access to high-speed internet in their homes. The Biden administration secured commitments from national and regional internet service providers to lower the cost… Read more

  • WATCH: The Supreme Court’s Dangerous Assault on Women’s Reproductive Rights
    Posted in eNewsletters on May 11, 2022 | Preview rr

    Dear friend Last week, the nation got a shocking and dark glimpse into a scenario that many of us have feared for months. The draft Supreme Court opinion would overrule nearly 50 years of legal precedent by overturning Roe v. Wade. Abortions are currently still legal but Congress needs to quickly enshrine abortion access into law. Today, I spoke on the floor to underscore the urgency… Read more

  • A Week of Celebrating New Projects for Our Community
    Posted in eNewsletters on April 23, 2022 | Preview rr

    Dear friend, It’s been a busy week celebrating historic wins in the 1st District! On Tuesday, I joined local, state, and federal leaders at the groundbreaking ceremony for Community Transit’s Swift Orange Line to discuss the impact that this new bus rapid transit (BRT) line will have on our region. Snohomish County’s population is rapidly growing, and this new line will help reduce… Read more

  • Helpful Resources Ahead of April 18 Tax Deadline
    Posted in eNewsletters on March 26, 2022 | Preview rr

    Dear friend, As we near the April 18 deadline to file your federal taxes, I wanted to provide you with some helpful tips and resources. Taxes might be more complicated than usual this year because of some of the relief programs Congress put in place through the American Rescue Plan last year. I am here to let you know that there is help available! This week, I hosted a virtual event… Read more

  • How the U.S. is Standing with Ukraine
    Posted in eNewsletters on March 19, 2022 | Preview rr

    Dear friend, This week, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed Congress virtually as the tragic Russian war in Ukraine enters its fourth week. The images and reporting coming from this conflict are heartbreaking, and I am in awe of the strength and courage of the president and the Ukrainian people in the face of this senseless violence.  … Read more

  • The American Rescue Plan Turned the Tide of the Pandemic
    Posted in eNewsletters on March 13, 2022 | Preview rr

    Dear friend, This week marked the one-year anniversary of President Biden signing the historic American Rescue Plan into law. The plan was centered on getting shots in arms, money in pockets, kids back in schools, and workers back in jobs. Since then, we have taken meaningful steps forward from making COVID-19 PPE, tests, and vaccines widely available to creating 7.4 million jobs since… Read more

  • President Biden’s State of the Union and Your Top Priorities
    Posted in eNewsletters on March 5, 2022 | Preview rr

    Dear friend, At this week’s State of the Union, we celebrated great strides made by President Biden and Congressional Democrats during his historic first year in office. From passing the American Rescue Plan and bipartisan infrastructure law to strengthening our economic recovery with record job creation, we have accomplished a lot.  … Read more

  • Strengthening mail delivery across the country
    Posted in eNewsletters on February 12, 2022 | Preview rr

    Dear friend, The U.S. Postal Service is an essential institution for our communities, delivering important documents, bills, medications, packages, and other mail to millions of American households every day. But right now, USPS is not serving our communities or its workers as well as it needs to be. Over the past few years, my office has received numerous complaints about slow mail… Read more

  • How we are strengthening our supply chains & spurring American innovation
    Posted in eNewsletters on February 5, 2022 | Preview rr

    Dear friend, Right now, working families across the country are feeling the effects of strained supply chains with goods taking longer to arrive and prices going up.   This week, the House took critical steps to ease inflation and make our economy more resilient by advancing the America COMPETES Act. This bold legislative package will accelerate research and innovation, invest… Read more

  • Helpful Resources for Tax Season
    Posted in eNewsletters on January 22, 2022 | Preview rr

    The 2022 tax season is almost upon us: Filing opens this Monday, January 24, and the deadline to file your taxes is Monday, April 18. The IRS has a number of resources available to taxpayers that can make this process easier and less stressful. I want to share a few helpful tools as you begin to prepare your federal tax return: IRS Free File is an online tool that… Read more